Article One:  Our customers will always be treated with the greatest respect and courtesy. Article Two:  Our customers will always be treated fairly and honeststly. We will overvalue our customers. Article Three:  All customer requests shall be handled properly.  We will answer our customer’s questions promptly. Article Four:  Every reasonable effort shall be made to accommodate our customer. We are problem solvers.  Article Five:  Our customers will be given the highest quality products and service. We will always keep our word. Article Six:  Our customers will be serviced by knowlwdgeable  and trained representatives.  Article Seven:  Customer convenience will be our highest priority. We have no unreasonable company policies. Article Eight:  Every effort will be made to make sure our  customer service rates 10 on a 10 scale. Article Nine:  Our goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations.  Article Ten:  All customers will have full access to top management at any time. Our customers will never be felt ignored.

"Your source for pigmented and metalized

hot stamp foil"