The Hot Stamp Company PMS Blue Foils - 400 Series

                    HSCX409                 HSCX414                HSCX408           HSCK407 WB

      PMS 278C                PMS 285C               PMS 654C            PMS 654C

                   HSCW411               HSCX410                HSCX425              HSCW405

     PMS 287C                PMS 282C              PMS 5395C            PMS 5265C

                  HSCS416                HSCS417                HSCS456                HSCX427

     PMS 280C               PMS 539C             PMS 2758C              PMS 294C

                  HSCW437               HSCW402               HSCW403              HSCW422

    PMS 3025C              PMS 288C              PMS 2925C             PMS 293C

                  HSCW404                HSCW424               HSCK436               HSCX439

"Your source for pigmented and metalized

hot stamp foil"