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The Hot Stamp Company, Inc

Who We Are

We’ve been serving the hot stamp industry here in Jacksonville, FL since 2001 and we are totally committed to the hot stamp industry and continuous quality improvement.

We offer a wide range of quality stamping foils and a complete line of hot stamping dies and supplies. If needed, we also offer hot stamping equipment tailored to your application.

We offer first-class customer service where you can talk to a real person and not voice mail. All emails are replied to promptly and order confirmations are sent as soon as possible after the orders are received.

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Registered Company

The Hot Stamp Company, Inc

Why Us?

Our customers love the way we treat them. We are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. We are here to take care of our customers, and in turn, they take care of us by doing business with us year after year.

Along with our quality products, trust is especially vital in our industry. We have built our reputation by doing what we say we are going to do every time. Our customers appreciate it and continue to choose us for their hot stamping needs, which has consistently fueled our business growth.

Today our business is on a vertical growth pattern, which we attribute to having a staff focused on increasing our customer’s satisfaction with our products and services.

We are committed to providing products and services that complement our customer’s needs in the hot stamp industry. We are open and listen to our customers. When their needs change, we want to change with them. We are always trying to think ahead and manage our stock of products to make sure we can always meet the short-term needs of our customers. Our passion is to turn all of our customers from “clients”, to “fans” of our business. We have been voted best hot stamp supplier by “Best of Jacksonville” 15 years in a row. 

Your source for pigmented & metalized hot stamp foil

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