Sustainable Practices

The Hot Stamp Company, INC

Our Sustainable Practices

We recycle everything possible, including foil waste, plastic waste, all paper and cardboard, bottles and containers, skid packaging, and metals, eliminating landfill waste by nearly ½ over ten years.

We monitor our energy usage real-time to control peak usage and to monitor the impact of energy reduction efforts. Over several years of monitoring and investments we have lowered our energy consumption and our CO2 footprint significantly.

The entire plant and office have been converted to high-efficiency lamp systems and we have put motion sensor light switches in rooms that have random usage.

We have invested in the high efficiency variable frequency drive motors in all major equipment.

We have installed ceiling fans and programmable thermostats, which lower building energy usage.

We participate in and have active memberships in local sustainability organizations such as Buy Local JAX.

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